1. What are the qualifications of your tutors?
2. Why should I choose Calgary Math & Science Tutoring Ltd. (CMAST)?
3. How often will the tutor see each student?
4. What if we are not satisfied with the tutor?
5. How does your scheduling or availability work?
6. Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
7. What is your instruction process?

Our tutors have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a university degree in math, science (ie: chemistry, biology, physics, computer science), or engineering.

Many other agencies offer tutoring services in a wide variety of classes. Although this one-stop shopping approach offers convenience for students struggling in several subjects, it does not ensure the quality of tutoring service. The founders of CMAST are personally specialized in math and science tutoring, and therefore created a company to reflect these qualifications. As a result, we at CMAST are able to regularly audit our tutors' capabilities and teaching methods, personally assigning the tutor that will work best with each individual student's educational needs. We strongly believe that our specialization provides an unsurpassed math and science service tutoring compared to other, full-spectrum education tutoring services.

This is completely up to the client and the individual needs of the student. Clients are welcome to ask either CMAST or the assigned tutor for input on how often a particular student should attend tutoring sessions to achieve the desired results. We usually recommend at least one hour of tutoring perk week to cover all material and to avoid cram sessions before exams, however students are encouraged to schedule tutoring sessions to meet their individual educational needs.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your tutor please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assign one of our other tutors to you.

When a potential client contacts CMAST and a student's individual needs are assessed, CMAST will assign a tutor that will best meet the student's educational goals. At this point, CMAST will provide the assigned tutor with the client's contact infomation. Tutors then contact the client directly to make arrangements for the first tutoring session to ensure the scheduling works with both parties. This also allows clients the opportunity to ask any questions to their tutor directly prior to the session (i.e. what materials should the student bring) and to further clarify the student's educational goals if required. CMAST ensures that tutors are assigned in a manner that each student can receive at least one hour of tutoring a week.

For the client's convenience, tutoring sessions typically take place in the student's home however if desired, the tutor can meet the student at any pre-determined location (i.e., library, university, a parent's office).

Because each student learns best in different ways, our tutors will tailor their tutoring styles to each student to ensure a higher comprehension of the material.

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