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Students today face several challenges; the prerequisites for post-secondary education are becoming increasingly stringent and higher expectations for extra-curricular activities can often cut into time alloted for assignments and homework. With frequent budget cutsĀ  to the educational system students must also contend with larger class sizes and limited materials. As a result, teachers often lack the required time and resources to meet each individual student's educational needs.

Calgary Math & Science Tutoring Ltd. is dedicated to helping students overcome these challenges. We strive to individually empower each student, resulting in both increased academic confidence and improved grades. Our tutors customize their learning plans to match each student's personal learning style to ensure a higher comprehension of the course material. Our scheduling is flexible for those with busy lifestyles and our in-home tutoring provides a service that is both convenient and time-saving. Our high employment standards bring the very best in specialized math and science tutoring to our clients.

Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and confidence to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.


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